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Beatrice W. Hansen,

Are you ready to begin your journey of self-discovery?


As part of my coaching offer, I encourage you to discover your unique personality type by skillfully using the Enneagram.  The Enneagram is a personality typology, tool for self-knowledge, and system of understanding that will help you know yourself and those you work with more deeply. This system reveals how you and your colleagues “tick” while allowing you to catch a glimpse of how the personality structures operate in real time.   


You can take the Enneagram online test, developed and independently validated through the Enneagram Institute.  I received my training and certification in the Enneagram through this Institute.  With the information gathered from the RHETI Full Test, we will work together to develop the best individual coaching plan to allow for the creation of significant and real changes.


The self-knowledge and self-understanding you gain will empower you to become a more effective leader, (in your own life and with others) while also positively impacting many areas of your life.


In addition to individual coaching work using the Enneagram, I offer training for coaches explicitly around using the Enneagram in your coaching practice.  I also create customized Enneagram workshops to help facilitate team and organizations, leveraging each member’s individual types into highly functional and effective work groups.


Click Here To Take The Test:  The RHETI - independently validated full test


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