Open The Flow, LLC

Beatrice W. Hansen,

Presence-Based® Coaching

Presence-Based Coaching is the methodology that primarily informs my coaching work with clients. This approach is down to earth and accessible, while also being cutting edge in the coaching world. It includes a rich blend of mindfulness, somatics (working in and through the body) neuroscience, adult development and leadership theory, all underpinned by the cultivation of presence.  


This unique blend, coupled with practical tools you can apply in the moment, combine to create a powerful change technology.


As a client, you enter into coaching with a specific concern or issue you want to address. Together we investigate both what you want to achieve and what might be getting in the way.


As we create the relationship container for the work at hand, we partner around inquiry, increasing awareness around potentially limiting habits and patterns, and your declaration of a preferred future.  We co-design experiments, self–observations, and practices in-between sessions to deepen your learning experience and build capacities to take new actions.


As your coach, I am also your sounding board, champion and accountability partner. 


I look forward to working together to create a customized coaching program that meets your specific needs.